Customer Testimonies

Denise Mandrell Cairns posted on SI Medical Weight Loss Clinic Inc.'s Wall:

I just want to sing the praises of SI Medical Weight Loss, I have been a client since the 1st of Nov. and as of last night I have dropped 46 has been work but with their help and encouragement it has been much easier than it could have been. I am loving my new body and feeling better in my clothes. My BP is back to normal and I feel great. Thanks so much for all your help.

Tammy Cook Wrote:

Since begaining Si program I have gone from a size 14 to a size 8 for the first time in 15 years. I have bought a swimming suite" I know I have to do my part,but with Si weight loss clinic help I have more self confidence and much happier with the way I look. My husband has noticed the changes too!!!!…thank you

Rebecca A. Mills posted on SI Medical Weight Loss's Facebook Wall:

Rebecca A. Mills before and after picture
I made the switch in May 2011 from Cape Girardeau clinic to Si Medical Weight Loss Clinic in Marion and felt this office was so professional and each professional took their time with me!!! I will have so much of a varity to eat now and still lose weight. Nice to have more options. I was 220 lbs size 18 wearing 2xl and 44 DD.This is me now at 182.4 Currently Size 13 or 32x33 in Silver Jeans, XL Top and a 40 C bra. If you look on my left wrist I finally get to wear a normal watch!!!! See Photo from before and for "now"…better pictures coming

Rich Taylor posted on SI Medical Weight Loss's Wall:

3 weeks in and lost 21 lbs. Easiest diet plan I have ever done. The only one I have ever succeeded at. Thank you!!!

Kristin Dunn posted on SI Medical Weight Loss's Wall:

Thank you SI Medical Weight Loss! After trying everything else, I have finally found what works!! -12 pounds and 1 1/2 inches off my hips and this is only the beginning! I would recommend SI Medical Weight Loss to anyone that is tired of failed weight loss and are ready to begain their journey to a happier and healthier life!

Joni Binkley Wrote:

I have been coming to SI Medical Weight Loss for 12 weeks and have lost 40lbs went from size 14 to size 6. I have a huge amount of energy since begining the B-12 Shots once a week.
I am able to enjoy playtime more with my six year old. Everyone is super nice and very encouraging.They celebrate the success I've had right along with me. I am very glad I decided to come in and begain their weightloss program it has been life changing for me.

Tina Wright Wrote:

It's the easiest thing I have done. It's fun reading labels and staying in the limits of carbs.I feel better and I spend more time playing with my daughter cause I now have the energy!
Thank you SI Medical Weight Loss.

Tammy Smith Wrote:

Hey Brian! Thank you so much for sending me the Carb Counter Booklet. I have a feeling it is going to become my Bible. You were right, I went to the grocery store last night and did read a lot of labels. Some of which I was very surprised at. I do have a question for you (which I am sure there will be many more to come). I have a early lunch. I eat around 11:00 am. Instead of taking my mid-morning snack before lunch could I do my 1st snack around 2:00 pm , 2nd snack when I get home from work around 4:30-5:00 (which is my difficult time), and do my last snack around 8:00-8:30 pm? After eating breakfast I am not really hungry again by mid-morning whereas my worse time is after I get home from work. I really don't have very long of a time frame between breakfast and lunch. Also, in the evenings should I not eat after a certain time? Thanks again for the booklet. I am sure I will be talking to you again soon.

Brenda Sanders Wrote:

In three & 1/2 months I have lost a total of 47lbs. I feel so good and look good as well! The Medifast plan along with the B-12 Shots. Has helped me achieve my weight loss goals! I went from size 12 to size 4 !!! WOW. The staff was amazing and so motivating!!!!!

Cheryl True Wrote:

I have had a very rough year or so and I am finally starting to feel like my old self again.Getting the weight off has been great for my physical health as well as my mental health.I am feeling better all the way around. I am able to do more, I think that the B-12 is a miracle shot. It has given me the extra energy that I have been missing for quite a while. I 've only been on the program for a month but it has definitely been a positive change in my life.
Thank you Si Medical Weight Loss.

Dee Denny Wrote:

Pamela Denny before and after
You have helped me with an unbelievable transformation from the old me size 18 to the new me size 6 in six short months. I started January 10th 2013 after looking at all of my Christmas photos and thinking I don't want to be the overweight unhealthy mom who can't keep up with her 3 year old. So I saw your ad in the Scott AFB paper and thought I would give it a try. I had always been skeptical of weight loss programs and within the first week I lost 7 pounds and I realized that this was actually working and I wasn't starving. The wonderful staff at SI provided encouragement and helped guide me to a fit and healthy life style. The staff was very friendly, supportive, and provided lots of tips and guidance to make the necessary changes to stay on course enabling me to reach my weight and fitness goals. I have more energy, self-confidence, I can keep up with my kid and for once I am not ashamed to put on a swimsuit. I completed my first 5k and ran something the old me would have never been able to do. I am so thankful that I gave SI Medical a try. It is an amazing program and I would highly recommend it.
Thank you SI Medical for all your support.
New Michelle