About Us

Who We Are

At your initial consultation, our team of medical professionals will learn about your current weight loss goals, any medications you may be taking, review your profile, and discuss your personal motivations.

Using this information, our medical professionals will then prescribe a plan and personalize it to your specific needs and preferences.

  • Don Baker - President
  • Tracy Askari - Practice Administrator
  • Paul Smith - VP Treasurer
  • Jennifer Jabczynski - Regional Manager/Customer Service
  • Dr. Donald Griffin
  • Dr. Craig Furry
  • Brian Carroll - Dietitian
  • Michele Schifferdecker - Dietitian
  • Laura Anderson - Insurance Processing Claims

We will help you gain control of your weight and your life. Our program provides a special opportunity to those who have struggled with other programs and have not had the success that they have been looking for. Our goal is to accomplish weight loss in order to alleviate anxiety and frustration over past failed attempts. We provide you with eating guidelines and teach you healthy habits and skills, which will in turn facilitate a lifetime of successful weight management. Our program includes:

  • Appetite Suppressant Medication
  • Fat-Burning Injection
  • Laboratory/Blood Work
    • Comprehensive Chemistry
    • CBC without differential
    • TSH Test
    • Lipid Panel Test
  • Consultation and Exam
  • Diet Program
  • Exercise Guide
  • Complete Body Composition Analysis

Our Business

Our program assists you in controlling your appetite. Medical, pharmaceutical, and nutritional supplements also provide 'fat burning' assistance and energy support. Our patients typically experience a weight loss of 10-20 pounds in the first month. If you have any questions about the services that we offer or would like to schedule an appointment, please contact us. Look better and feel better with the help of SI medical weight loss.

Why Are Our Programs So Effective?

Individual attention from the start.
A relationship with your physician forms with your first visit. An in-depth evaluation is the first step toward your personalized program.

  • Safe & Effective Weight Loss
    • Your doctor will be able to tell you how much of the weight you are losing is from fat, water or muscle, and adjust your program accordingly.
  • Realistic & Accurate Expectations
    • Using your body composition, and other measurements, your doctor can accurately predict the amount of weight you can lose over time.
  • Personal Support from Your Doctor
    • With each visit, you'll learn valuable insights into how you can approach your daily life to maintain the weight loss you are achieving.
    • Our SI Medical Weight Loss physician has received extensive training and is highly qualified.
  • The Medical Weight Loss Difference
    Physician-directed programs offer strategies unavailable to non-physician weight loss programs. Our medical weight loss physician is committed to helping you lose weight quickly and safely, but most importantly, to helping you keep the weight off long-term.
  • We offer natural appetite suppressants and prescription products, such as Phentermine, that are both safe and effective. We offer natural health supplements that are pharmaceutical grade and clinically proven. The natural supplements help solve problems of poor sleep, high stress, anxiety, cravings for sugar and carbohydrates , fat loss, unhealthy cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, irregular and/or difficult periods, and other health related problems that can affect your weight as well as your health. Individualized Programs: What makes our clinic unique is that we look at you as an individual. Through proper testing, detailed consultations and monthly follow-ups, we determine (1) the cause of your weight gain; (2) what health conditions might interfere with your ability to lose weight (for example, medications that you are taking, low thyroid levels, high glucose levels, etc.); and (3) what will best work for you given your individual situation.